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Daniela Zambrana neurosensorisches und körperorientiertes Coaching in Wien und online

I support people and companies with body-oriented and neurosensory coaching to deal with stress and gain more freedom and energy.

In private coaching, I support

  • people to find new perspectives, increase their well-being and reduce stress.

  • couples who have difficulties with alienation or separation on the way to a fulfilling relationship.

  • children, who have problems in learning development to develop age-appropriate skills without much effort.

In the corporate enviroment, I accompany

  • companies and employees from onboarding to development and offboarding.


  • teams on their way out of conflicts and stress on the way to more efficiency, creativity and trust.


  • companies in the process of implementing changes successfully and with employee acceptance.

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Ihr Coach

Your Coach:
Daniela Zambrana

As a certified body-oriented coach according to the Core Energetics approach, anti-burnout & resilience coach and neurosensory coach, I support individuals, couples, groups and companies with holistic methods and a great passion for my work.

In my blog you will find interesting articles on the topic of body-oriented and neurosensory coaching. Have a look!

Blog on body-oriented and neurosensory Coaching

What clients say about Daniela Zambrana Coaching

Daniela has an incredible wealth of experience, an extraordinary capacity for empathy, kindness and is unagitatedly charismatic in her manner. My partner and I felt very comfortable and secure during the sessions with her and enjoyed her intuitive way of working. I can differentiate here that I was on fire for the bodywork Daniela offers from the very beginning and my partner needed a session before she could - let's call it - "get involved". From the second session on she was much more relaxed and open and from then on she enjoyed the work at least as much as I did :) My thesis is that this has to do with Daniela's adaptability. Even though she very quickly found our "buttons" and was not afraid to push them, it is incredibly important to her that the working and healing process is a pleasurable experience for all involved (no matter how painful it may be).

In my opinion, she succeeds in this on all levels. Daniela listens actively and is both clear and open in her rhetoric. She always combines her well-founded knowledge and her versatile toolbox of methods with an openness towards perceptions. She doesn't tell you how to do things, what is right and wrong (therapists/coaches shouldn't do this anyway... but with some people it seems subliminally as if they would do it) but speaks of studies, observations, theories, assertions, options.

She is honest and authentic, which we have always given her credit for, and very non-judgemental. She is simply concerned with the people who come to her. Body therapy/bodywork is certainly not for everyone, even though I firmly believe that EVERYONE should do it. It requires a certain degree of courage, trust and openness to new things. But if you decide to use this method to work on your "own issues", you are in good hands with Daniela. 100% recommendation.

Daniel G.

My experience with Daniela with online sessions has been absolutely excellent.
I have specifically worked on the Sound and Safe Protocol with the Balance and Core programs.
I really value her accessibility, availability, closeness, clarity and orientation.
I have specially appreciated accompaniment and follow-up sessions in which I’ve been able to count on a therapeutic presence, great attunement and respect for my own rhythm, as well as extra resources like tips and exercises to work on my own to helped me to enhance the process.
After my experience with the Sound and Safe Protocol guided by Daniela I’ve been able to experience a whole recovery and balance process in a very short time.
As a therapist, I highly recommend her work for its effectiveness, presence and accompaniment, professional and human practice.


Daniela Zambrana accompanied me as a coach for over a year and helped me decisively in my inner development as well as with professional challenges.

Especially the combination of classical coaching elements and body-therapeutic methods make a decisive difference. Body exercises, which may seem a little strange at first for a head-oriented person :), very quickly show their full power and effect.

In a phase of deepest dejection, Daniela Zambrana took me out of the hole almost effortlessly and led me back into my strength. From the bottom of my heart I would like to recommend her. Are you feeling the need for change and looking for a good coach? Then contact Daniela Zambrana right now!

Markus L.

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