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Daniela Zambrana - Neurosensorisches und sensomotorisches Coaching für Kinder, Jugendliche und Erwachsene für eine bessere Stressbewältigung, mehr Konzentration, mehr Leistungsfähigkeit.

Neurosensory and sensorimotor Coaching

Better stress management, more concentration, more performance.

Neurosensory and sensorimotor Coaching

What is neurosensory and sensorimotor coaching and what is it used for?

As the name suggests, neurosensory coaching is coaching that works with our nervous system. This is because our nervous system perceives and processes external stimuli. In the context of neurosensory coaching, special music, for example, helps to calm our nervous system and to be more resilient in stressful situations, to sleep better or to concentrate better.

In sensorimotor coaching, sensory stimuli and our body's motor responses to these stimuli are also integrated. Music, movement and speech exercises are systematically combined to improve the processing of sensory information and thus brain function and emotional state.

The goal is to train your nervous system to become more aware, regulated, and resilient so that you can feel safe, happy, and healthy and respond more effectively to life's challenges.

The applications of neurosensory and sensorimotor coaching are many and varied, both in professional and personal settings.

Neurosensory/Sensorimotor Coaching in Private Context

The coaching sessions are suitable for adults and children with different objectives, e.g.

  • Strengthening relaxation and composure

  • Improving concentration and focus

  • Impulse control and emotional self-regulation

  • Development of age-appropriate skills

  • Reduction of motor and attention deficits

Neurosensory/Sensorimotor Coaching in Professional Context

In our work with companies we use this kind of coaching e.g. for

  • Resilience enhancement and stress reduction

  • Reduction of conflicts

  • Efficiency and creativity enhancement

  • Change management

  • Improvement of team communication

Do you have questions or would you like more information about neurosensory or sensorimotor coaching?

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