Daniela Zambrana Coaching Wien - Brücken bauen zu sich selbst und anderen

Bridges across borders:

My partner networks in Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Span and Greece.

Here you can find me and my network


Daniela Zambrana and Burkner Consulting Munich
  • BURKNER CONSULTING: Burkner Consulting and Bridges to Leadership stand for a new concept of leadership training and coaching: "Leadership Evolution Industry 5.0".

Daniela Zambrana Coaching somatic Munich
  • Chaperon Circle: The Chaperon Circle connects in its core competence human companions, coaches, body therapists, visionaries and other world changers, from different professions. Their common level: They build bridges from the old world to the new. They empower people to walk the path without fear and in a self-designing way.


Daniela Zambrana Coaching Vienna Institute Dr. Schmida
Daniela Zambrana Full Member AABP
  • AABP: As a full member of the Austrian Association for Body Psychotherapy, I meet the professional criteria of a European Body Psychotherapist, have a good reputation in practice, and commit to uphold the ethical principles of the EABP. My name is listed in the Register of Austrian Body Psychotherapists.