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Daniela Zambrana Coaching Wien - Brücken bauen zu sich selbst und anderen

Bridges across borders:

My partner networks in Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Span and Greece.

Here you can find me and my network


Daniela Zambrana and Burkner Consulting Munich
  • BURKNER CONSULTING: Burkner Consulting and Bridges to Leadership stand for a new concept of leadership training and coaching: "Leadership Evolution Industry 5.0".

Daniela Zambrana Coaching somatic Munich
  • Chaperon Circle: The Chaperon Circle connects in its core competence human companions, coaches, body therapists, visionaries and other world changers, from different professions. Their common level: They build bridges from the old world to the new. They empower people to walk the path without fear and in a self-designing way.


Daniela Zambrana Coaching Vienna Institute Dr. Schmida
Daniela Zambrana Full Member AABP
  • AABP: As a full member of the Austrian Association for Body Psychotherapy, I meet the professional criteria of a European Body Psychotherapist, have a good reputation in practice, and commit to uphold the ethical principles of the EABP. My name is listed in the Register of Austrian Body Psychotherapists.


Daniela Zambrana Coaching Core Science Foundation
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