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Workshops and Retreats

Welcome to the
Diamond Experience

The Diamond Experience

Embark on a Transformative Journey

Welcome to The Diamond Experience, where the transformative power of Core Energetics converges with the mystical exploration of deeper realms of consciousness. This groundbreaking program invites those seeking more than just change; it's a call to undergo a profound metamorphosis of the entire being. Join us on this unique odyssey, designed for the courageous souls ready to explore the depths of their psyche, confront limitations, and emerge with renewed purpose and understanding.

Daniela Zambrana Diamond Experience

Residential Retreat -
A Sanctuary for Transformation

Our journey begins in the sanctuary of a four-day residential retreat—a carefully curated experience unraveling the complex tapestry of human relationships. Amidst nature's embrace, explore the intricate dynamics of group energy, unlocking emotions and energies trapped within the body through the transformative power of Core Energetics. This immersive experience prepares you for an embodied journey, setting the stage for profound transformation.

The Diamond Experience
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The Heart of the Experience: Journey into Deeper Realms of Consciousness


On the third day, the retreat reaches its zenith with a guided journey into the deeper realms of consciousness. Boundaries blur, mysteries unfold, and awareness expands in an experience meticulously designed to challenge perceptions and open doors to new realms of understanding.

The Diamond Experience

Day of Reflection: Integration and Assimilation

The concluding day of the retreat is dedicated to integration—grounding experiences, reflecting on profound insights, and preparing to weave newfound understandings into the fabric of daily life.

Daniela Zambrana Diamond Experience

The Integration Workshops -
A Journey of Self-Discovery and Expansion

One and a half months later, the journey continues with the Integration Workshop. This non-residential 2.5-day workshop invites participants to dive deeper into themes such as “Courage”, "Exploring the Lower Self", "Following your Fear", “Full Self Expression”, “The vicious cycle of the Soul”, “Intimacy and Connection”. Develop tools and awareness to support further journeys, fostering profound reflection and growth in the supportive embrace of a like-minded community.

Integration Workshop Diamond Experience
Daniela Zambrana Diamond Experience

The Diamond Experience Revisited -
Continuing the Journey ...

The transformative path continues with a non-residential 2.5-day Diamond Experience. Open to those who have journeyed with us, this phase deepens and enriches the process of self-discovery and transformation, preserving intimacy with limited spaces for a personal and profound journey.

The Diamond Experience Revisited
The Diamond Experience

An Ever-Evolving Cycle of Transformation

Every one and a half months, we alternate between the Integration Workshop and the Diamond Experience. This intentional rhythm nurtures a continuous cycle of experience, integration, and growth—a spiraling journey that continually evolves and deepens.

The Diamond Experience

An Invitation to Transformative Discovery

The Diamond Experience is more than just a program; it's a gateway to a life-altering journey. Delve into the mysteries of your being, connect with the universe in profound ways, and emerge with a renewed vision of yourself and your place in the world. Join us on this path of discovery, transformation, and awakening. Embrace the journey, embrace the change, embrace your truest self.

Worshops and Retreats 2024

22. - 24. March 2024: INTEGRATION WORKSHOP Full Self Expression

10. - 12. May 2024: DIAMOND EXPERIENCE REVISITED The Journey continues...

05. - 07. July 2024: INTEGRATION WORKSHOP



06. - 08. September 2024: DIAMOND EXPERIENCE REVISITED The Journey continues…

11. - 13. October 2024: INTEGRATION WORKSHOP

06. - 08. December 2024: DIAMOND EXPERIENCE REVISITED The Journey continues…

Diamond Experience Retreat

Meet our Team: Expand your Light

The Diamond Experience

Daniela Zambrana

Psychological Counselor & Core Energetics Therapist
Daniela empowers individuals, couples, and groups through her private practice. As a Core Energetics therapist and teacher, she blends bodywork with non-ordinary states of consciousness, leading transformative process groups and workshops internationally. Daniela challenges individuals into vulnerability while holding a warm, loving space for their essence to unfold.

Daniela Zambrana
The Diamond Experience

Gyasi Bramos Hantman

Core Energetics Therapist
Gyasi, Associate Director for the Institute of Core Energetics Greece, brings extensive experience and expertise to his role. As an accredited therapist with a licensed degree in social work and a B.A. in Psychology, Gyasi manages a private practice and facilitates groups and workshops throughout Europe, inspiring countless individuals on their journey toward personal growth and self-discovery.

Gyasi Bramos Hantman
Daniela Zambrana Diamond Experience

More information on your Diamond Experience

Daniela Zambrana Diamond Experience
Daniela Zambrana Diamond Experience

All workshops and retreats will be held in English.

More information on locations, costs etc. can be found in our Diamond Experience Flyer.

For more information and to start your journey, please contact us at

Daniela Zambrana Diamond Experience


The Diamond Experience


As a psychologist, I am naturally interested in ways to understand the human psyche, transform past experiences and help develop one’s innate potential. Therefore, I build on a vast experience when it comes to healing trauma both from my studies and my own healing journey. Never before my first Diamond Retreat, I have encountered a concept as well elaborated yet flexible and similarly as deep and beneficial as the work of Daniela and Gyasi! I have profited tremendously from their guidance throughout the retreat and in succeeding workshops. The beautiful change I went through has opened me for more authentic, warm, lively, and lovingly human connections that remain unmatched to anything I have had before; my profound trauma healing was only possible as part of this connection and the space that Daniela and Gyasi created and held so well. Thank you very much, Daniela and Gyasi, for showing me who I am inside beyond the stories I was used to tell!

The Diamond Experience


What an experience. I have so much love for both of you. 

I was at a crossroads of transition. You gave me the tools and the care to open up my heart in a way that I have never experienced. 

The marriage of duality was for me the exercise I needed to start my journey of becoming whole. During the Friday session, my understanding was that my duality was love and hate. Which I discovered was actually love and sexuality. At this point my task and my intention were clear. 

I used the marriage of duality throughout my journey on the second day. Every time my hands met I would embody the marriage into all my chakras, sealing the merge of love and sexuality in my body. The armoured curtain with all my hidden pain behind it, was open and I could take a peek in and see what I was so scared of. It wasn't as scary as I thought. It was me against me. The fight is for love. My rage is a fight to be loved. 

The constant reminder that both of you won't leave me and the question "What do I need" were such powerful experiences. I feel emotional just thinking about the wisdom that you both bring into the space. It makes me even more emotional to say I think I have this wisdom too. I feel I have a gift and it scares me saying or thinking about it. I am really starting to understand Core and what it means to embody the ideas and methods that we are taught. 

Everything I have been working for in the last months specifically brought me to this place, to you and all I had to do was listen and now I can see. For the first time in my life, I can feel my heart, my legs and my feet. I can feel my whole body. All my emotions are energy and I get to experience life differently. A way of breathing them and surrendering to the flow. 

The diamond experience was life-changing. In a period of transition and change, Daniela and Gyasi guided me in finding my life energy. I no longer want to be at the end, I want to enjoy the journey for all it has to offer. It is a way of life I couldn't have imagined.

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