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Daniela Zambrana Coaching bei körperlichen oder seelischen Belastungen, Beziehungsproblemen, Konzentrationsschwäche, Schlafstörungen, Traumata uvm.

Do you suffer from physical or mental stress, have relationship problems, or ask yourself how you can help your child who has difficulty concentrating?

Body-oriented coaching, neurosensory and sensorimotor coaching

I help individuals, couples and children to dissolve stress and to gain more joy of life and strength. Toghether we develop new professional or private perspectives for a self-determined and fulfilled life.

Bridges to Self Daniela Zambrana.png

Bridges connect places and people.
Bridges to Self means we build new connections to ourselves and to the people around us.
Using various coaching techniques and elements from body psychotherapy and neurosensory/sensomotoric therapy and occupational therapy, we build new bridges with strong pillars for a good relationship with ourselves and others.
This is based on a holistic approach, as in psychosomatics: the assumption that body and psyche form an inseparable unit and that our body is, so to speak, the direct line to our unconscious. That is why we work intensively with movements in body-oriented coaching.

Body-oriented Coaching

Daniela Zambrana Coaching Vienna body-oriented women
Daniela Zambrana Coaching body-oriented releasing emotional baggage Vienna
Daniela Zambrana Coaching pysically stress reduction

1 to 1 body-oriented Coaching for Individuals

Körperorientiertes Coaching

Body-oriented Coaching for Individuals in Groups

In this coaching a group of strangers represents the people in our environment. Behind this is the assumption that everything we experience outside in our world can also be found in a group of strangers.

The group is, so to speak, the stage of life and thus the perfect reenactment platform to deal with our issues from the outside world. Individual problems are solved within the group. This gives us the necessary resources to solve them in the outside world/in our personal reality.

The experience of showing yourself in the group as you are, simply being yourself, can be very healing and instructive. We learn to approach a group of people, to confide in them, to show ourselves vulnerable and to replace old defense mechanisms with new, healthier relationship patterns. We gain self-confidence.

The group supports us on our way of problem solving by making us aware of relationship dynamics. We ultimately carry this valuable experience to the outside world and it helps us to love ourselves more and live a more fulfilling and truthful life.

Daniela Zambrana Coaching body-oriented group work
Daniela Zambrana Coaching Vienna body-oriented trust
Daniela Zambrana Coaching body-oriented teams Vienna

Physical and mental stress affects us in the form of fears, conflicts, stress and sometimes even burnout. The burdens we carry range from relationship problems, trauma and eating disorders to depression and physical pain, e. g. chronic tension.

We then wish for solutions, confidence and stability, more joie de vivre and energy, serenity and the strength to break through behavioral patterns.

In 1to1 coaching we gain a faster and more effective access to our subconscious through movement than through pure "brain work". Our body gives our entrenched patterns of thought and behavior as well as suppressed feelings a much clearer expression than our mind can. With specific exercises we process problems and stress, dissolve tensions and inner resistance.

The bodywork is accompanied, if necessary, by neurosensory or sensomotoric trainings, which restore the feeling of security, calm and resilience in our nervous system and thus further develop our brain structure.

Daniela Zambrana Coaching body-oriented Career Coaching Vienna
Daniela Zambrana Coaching body-oriented profession Vienna

Body-oriented Coaching for Professionals

Coaching for working people deals with topics such as further development, finding new perspectives and resilience.


On the job we often have to deal with conflicts, communication problems and stress. If the challenges become too big or too much, we suffer more and more from loss of concentration or fears, can hardly make clear decisions or even fall seriously ill, e. g. from burnout.

In personal body-oriented coaching we dissolve the stressful issues and thus find more energy and resistance, more freedom in thinking and acting and more relaxation.
If necessary, bodywork is accompanied by neurosensory and sensomotoric applications to further develop our brain structure and function and to improve our effectiveness.

Body-oriented Coaching for Relationship Couples

This coaching is suitable for all two-person constellations, whether partnership, friendship, parent/child (from 18 years), or siblings.

I accompany people who wish for a fulfilling relationship with their loved ones. Often these coachings are about forgiveness, boundaries and freedom and how we find and deal with our personal "borderland".

In a partnership we often have the challenge of uniting the supposedly opposing needs "adventure/individuality/freedom" and "intimacy/safety/ trust" within the relationship. We want to unfold, but without the relationship suffering from it. We maybe have to deal with the issue of infidelity or want "Eros" back in our life and bedroom.

Emotional overreactions to certain topics in the partnership are originated to approx. 80% from our own unresolved and burdening experiences in the past and only approx. 20% actually have something to do with the partnership.
Through couple coaching we learn that our reality is distorted by the imprint of our parent-child experiences. We become aware of this, create a new reality together and find a way out of old behavioral and communication patterns and into an "adult-adult relationship".

Daniela Zambrana Coaching somatic setting healthy boundries
Daniela Zambrana Coaching somatic Mother Daugther.jpg
Daniela Zambrana Coaching somatic reconciliation
Daniela Zambrana Coaching body-oriented reconciliation work body-oriented couples mentoring

What is body-oriented coaching and how does it work?

Body-oriented coaching according to the Core Energetics method helps people to dissolve their various blockades and burdens and to learn more body awareness. It is based on the assumption that body and mind form an inseparable unit and that our body is the direct link to our subconscious. If feelings cannot flow or be processed, blockages arise on the physical, mental and emotional level.

In cognitive science this is called embodiment. In many experiments and studies it was shown that our thoughts and our ratio play a rather subordinate role. Because first and foremost our body always perceives the environment and corresponding stimuli. We also know that emotions are expressed physically (e.g. in our posture) and that we can influence our emotions with the help of our body.

The body reflects our emotional life story and our personality. That is why the focus of the coaching session is on the body.

Movements give our entrenched patterns of thought and behavior as well as suppressed feelings of the past a much clearer expression than our language.

The goal of body-oriented work is to build up resilience against stress factors on a psychological and physical level in order to surf the waves of life flexibly and with joy.

During a Core Energetics session, various movement exercises help our body to speak to us and show us where we have (possibly deep-rooted) problems. Through the combination of psychoanalytical and body-therapeutic methods, energies are released in the movement of the body, which give us insight into our relationship dynamics with ourselves and with others.

Daniela Zambrana Coaching body-oriented infidelity couple therapy Vienna
Daniela Zambrana Coaching body-oriented father-son conflict resolution
Daniela Zambrana Coaching Vienna body-oriented problem solving
Daniela Zambrana Coaching body-oriented Core Energetics exercise

Neurosensory and sensorimotor coaching and training

Neurosensory and sensorimotor coaching is suitable for adults as well as very well for children and adolescents to find more calmness, serenity and relaxation as well as to develop age-appropriate skills.

Neurosensorisches Coaching
Daniela Zambrana Coaching Neurosensory Coaching for Parent Child
Daniela Zambrana Coaching Vienna neurosensory coaching for children
Daniela Zambrana Coaching Vienna: neurosensory coaching for adolescens

Neurosensory and sensomotoric Training for Children and Adolescents

I support parents who have challenges with the development of their children, e. g. motor and attention deficits, sensory disorders (motor, auditory and visual coordination), learning, reading and writing difficulties or even ADHD and autism.

The aim is to help the children to develop age-appropriate skills.
The development of our sensory systems (sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, balance and movement in space) is the basis for higher cognitive functions such as reading, information processing, memory and emotional regulation.
In childhood, the development of these systems is crucial for future performance in everyday life, for academic and professional performance and for emotional balance in adulthood.

With the help of methods from neurosensory therapy and sensomotoric training, improvements in social interaction, emotional regulation and impulse control, increased learning ability and concentration as well as a reduction of anxiety and stress can be achieved.

The children experience more peace and relaxation in their central nervous system and can thus achieve an increase in self-confidence, happier mood and improved cognitive abilities.

What is neurosensory and sensomotoric training and how does it work?

The aim is to train the nervous system to become more aware, regulated and resilient so that we feel safe, happy and healthy and can respond more effectively to life's challenges. Music, movement and speech exercises are combined to improve the processing of sensory information and thus brain function and emotional state.

Application of SSP in private context

Application of SSP in business context

Audio training program for better stress and trauma management, improved cognitive skills and social interaction

If we feel as if we are under constant heavy pressure, sleep badly and do not come to rest, are unfocused and distance ourselves from others, this may be because our nervous system is in a permanent "defense state". When our nervous system is in this state permanently, it influences our psyche and body, our feelings, thoughts and social interaction, we feel stressed, insecure or strained in our dealings with people.

The SSP (Safe and Sound Protocol) is a music training program for our autonomic nervous system, developed for children and adults, with the aim of changing the reactions of our brain to certain stimuli (neuroception) and creating new neuronal connections (neuroplasticity). Since our hearing is connected to the vagus nerve, which is crucial for the establishment and stability of our system of "social interaction", we train our nervous system with the SSP for "safety".

When we feel safe, we can better absorb, process and respond to the stimuli of the outside world and thus remain more relaxed in challenging situations.

Multisensory & sensorimotor training program to improve brain function

When our sensory system is not as developed as it should be, we sometimes perceive sensations in a confusing way that affects alertness and attention, emotional self-regulation and body organization (gross and fine motor skills, balance, etc.) and on a mental level (language, spatial and abstract abilities, etc.). In adults this can manifest itself in dysfunctional social relationships, behavioral problems, anxiety, depression, hyperactivity, hypersensitivity or hyposensitivity, low self-esteem and social isolation, among other things.

The Focus System program is based on the principle of "neuroplasticity", the ability of the brain to change in response to external and internal stimulation. Through a series of fun activities or exercises the program can be adapted to all ages and abilities to help develop new and strengthen existing neural pathways that control body organization and brain function.

This personalized program of neurosensory and sensomotoric training is intended for the treatment of children, adolescents and adults without pathology, as well as for those who have functional problems (e. g. learning and behavioral problems, attention deficit, motor coordination disorders, sensory processing disorders, etc.) and for those with a specific pathology, such as autism, genetic syndromes, cerebral palsy, hyperactivity, etc.

Daniela Zambrana Coaching neurosensory Parent Child
Daniela Zambrana Coaching sensomotoric adolescents
Daniela Zambrana Coaching sensomotoric adults
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