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Daniela Zambrana Coaching Wien - Core Energetics: mehr Freiheit, Energie und Gelassenheit.

Core Energetics:
Get out of your head and into your body.

A holistic approach for body and soul, suitable for all who want to release physical and mental stress and develop themselves further, professionally, and privately.

More freedom, more energy, more serenity by embodied coaching

This is what we wish for in many situations in our lives: whether in our private lives with regard to ourselves and our fellow human beings or in our professional lives with regard to our career, colleagues and superiors.

In order to achieve this we use the body as a direct connection to our soul, because:  Our body never lies. It reflects our emotional life story, our character and our personality. We are often not aware that our head only thinks our emotions, but our body actually feels them.

Core Energetics, like psychosomatics, is a holistic approach that views body and psyche as one. It is a method of body psychotherapy recognised by the EABP and AABP.

Daniela Zambrana Coaching somatic finding solutions to problems
Daniela Zambrana Coaching body-oriented conflict resolution

If feelings cannot flow or be processed, blockages arise on the physical, mental and emotional level. This can manifest itself, for example, in chronic tensions, but also in difficulties in dealing with oneself and others.

  • You are in a crisis or reorientation phase or are going through a change, but you do not feel up to the challenge on your own?


  • You want to break out of a vicious circle or recurring blocking behavior patterns and find your inner center?


  • Do you want to intensify or restore your ability for joy, lust, pleasure and relaxation, contact, bonding and closeness?


  • You simply want to make more of yourself and develop yourself further?

This is exactly where I can support you with Core Energetics, with the goal of releasing blocked energies and regaining life energy.

You want that?

How does embodied coaching with Core Energetics work?

During a Core Energetics session, various movement exercises help to open the consciousness for suppressed feelings and integrate the energy system of the body in a way that allows us to go beyond our comfort zone.
Movements allow us a faster and more effective access to our subconscious than the pure "head work", because we leave exactly this out at first. The pure bodywork gives our entrenched thought and behavior patterns a much clearer expression than our mind can.

The bodywork gives us an awareness of how we block our energy and defense patterns acquired in childhood come to the fore, which now, as adults, limit and disempower us.

Daniela Zambrana Coaching body-oriented psychosomatics
Daniela Zambrana Coaching body-oriented problem solving
Daniela Zambrana Coaching body-oriented being happy

Through the combination of psychoanalytic and body therapy methods, energies are released in the movement of the body, which give us insight into our relationship dynamics to ourselves and to others and how we repeatedly experience similar situations and relationship dynamics that leave us frustrated.

We mobilize our physical energy (life force) in a new way to change both our inner world and our outer life experience in a sustainable way. Working with the body is crucial to changing our experience of embodiment, because our resistance, belief systems, coping mechanisms and typical emotional reactions are not only psychologically but also somatically and powerfully anchored in the body.

Through bodywork we can open up unknown inner resources, express our creativity, accept our sexuality and deepen our connection with others.

To solve painful experiences, the Core Energetics approach works on three levels:

  • Cognitive/Psychic: We need to understand our behavioral patterns. The distorted (child) perception has to be retrained by the adult ego in order to establish a "sober reference to reality".

  • Physical: Here the training of body perception plays a central role. Which feelings are triggered by thoughts? And where do they settle in the body?

  • Emotional: Why did we create this reality for ourselves? What should we learn from it? What potentials are hidden in our behavior patterns?

In my video you get a first insight into my work:

The areas of application of Core Energetics are as versatile as we are ourselves:


  • Developing and advancing your career

  • Meet changes with composure

  • Personal and professional development

  • Solving crises/problems

  • Lust for life, vitality, joy, pleasure

  • Relaxation, serenity

  • Break through behavioral patterns

  • Self-worth/Self-love

  • Life Orientation/Sense

  • Building resilience


  • Physical and mental stress

  • Fears/traumas

  • Relationship problems/sexuality

  • Conflicts with oneself and others

  • Feelings of guilt towards yourself and others

  • Body perception/personal perception

  • Alienation from oneself and others

  • Pain/tension 

  • Burnout/depression

  • Eating disorders

What can you expect?

Personality development: Discover your true self and dare to live this more and more outwardly!

Dissolving blockages on the physical, mental and emotional levels: We connect the three levels of the human personality to enable a holistic transformation.

Intensification of body awareness: We learn to feel our body and to be less "brainwashed".

Increase of life energy:
By disclosing or actively experiencing and integrating negative emotions, the life energy that was previously tied up in this way is available again.

Expansion of the energy container or "Emotional Resilience": We learn and train the ability to allow intense emotions without losing our inner balance.

Expansion of the living space: By dissolving dynamics, defense mechanisms, beliefs and self-images, we regain that inner space from which life and interaction with people can be experienced and shaped more freely.

Especially for couples: Exceptional Relationship Mentoring

Daniela Zambrana Coaching body-oriented setting healthy boundaries
Daniela Zambrana Coaching body-oriented setting limits

This coaching is suitable for all two-person constellations, whether partnership, friendship, parent/child (from 18 years), or siblings.

I accompany people who wish for a fulfilling relationship with their loved ones. These coachings are often about forgiveness, boundaries and freedom and how we find and deal with our personal "borderland".

I support couples who wish for a fulfilling relationship to experience their individuality in the relationship together without losing themselves as individuals.

In couple coaching we learn that our reality is distorted by the imprint of our parent-child experiences. We become aware of this, create a new common reality and find a way out of old behavioral and communication patterns, into an "adult-adult relationship".

In the coaching, couples connect through shared experiences in the here and now and not just by talking about problems. In order to achieve real growth and the preservation of "Eros" and liveliness in the relationship, the commitment of both partners is important as well as the willingness to listen to what their bodies communicate to them. Couples get to know each other anew by embodying their (relationship) dynamics through movement exercises. They enter into a joint dialogue with their body and mind in order to understand each other better and to experience connectedness again.

A central component of the body-oriented pair work is the so-called "Full Self Expression (FSE) Process" to explore our deeper feelings and unexpressed desires. In these exercises we achieve the transition from blocking and defending states to more openness and empathy.

Topics in ERM can be:

Daniela Zambrana Coaching body-oriented toxic relationship
Daniela Zambrana Coaching body-oriented couples counseling
  • Unification of the supposedly opposing needs "adventure/individuality/freedom" and "intimacy/safety/confidence" within the relationship

  • Self-development within the relationship without fear that closeness and intimacy in the relationship will suffer (autonomy in connectedness)

  • Getting to know your own needs and longings and living a healthy protest

  • Set healthy borders / Find the mutual "borderland”

  • Breaking the spiral of blame

  • Standing up for what you really need and want in a relationship

  • Too much responsibility (self-abandonment/sacrifice) vs. too little responsibility (egoism/lack of empathy)

  • Dealing with infidelity / forgiveness

  • Get "Eros" back into the common life and bedroom

  • Trust to show yourself as you are and feel 

  • Self-liberation from your own expectations and those of others

  • Overcoming feelings of helplessness and powerlessness

  • Mutual recognition and respect

Are you curious or do you have questions?

Origin, background, structure of the Core Energetics work

The differences between Core Energetics and conventional methods:

  • Holistic approach: classical therapies (psychotherapy, talk therapy, behavioral therapy, etc.) only involve the body to a limited extent.

  • Methods that work purely cognitively or only address the mental level are limited in their effectiveness. Cognition alone has not yet brought about transformation. To achieve transformation, not only the mind, but also the body and the heart/soul must be addressed.

  • According to Core Energetics, emotions can only be truly felt in the body! Emotions in the head are only thought.

  • The active acting out of the negative emotions that lead to destructive behavior and their subsequent integration into the personality is what allows a sustainable transformation.


Emergence of behavior or defense mechanisms

Any experience in which the emotions and feelings that have been evoked cannot flow or be processed leaves behind blockages on a physical, mental or emotional level.

If a child experiences rejection, abandonment, punishment or even existential threat, it withdraws emotionally and blocks its heart feelings.
In the course of their personality development, they develop various "strategies" to ward off or avoid dealing with these blocked emotions and injuries.   
These learned "survival strategies", which were helpful and even necessary in childhood, are usually unconsciously continued in adulthood, including beliefs, basic convictions, masks, defense mechanisms, idealized self-images, self-sabotage or destructive behavior, etc. These "survival" strategies are most clearly seen in the way we relate to others. The body reflects this emotional life story and these relationship patterns.

The development process shapes our energy field, our consciousness and also influences the design of our body (tone, skin color, posture, proportions, movements).  
Since the experienced pain was stored in the child's consciousness and could not be processed, it appears to us as adults just as big and threatening as it was then. Thus, the learned defensive behavior is unconsciously continued and a vicious circle is created: every trigger that awakens the original pain leads us to use the same defense mechanism from our childhood until we learn to face and allow this pain openly and without defense. This is the soul's path to healing.

Do you recognize just some of your defense mechanisms and "survival strategies" that you would like to tackle together with me?

The methodology of "Core Energetics" has its roots in bioenergetics (1956) and is recognized by the "European Association for Body Psychotherapy (EABP)" and its German organization (German Society for Body Psychotherapy e.V. DGK) as well as the AABP (Austrian Association for Body Psychotherapy).

The four phases of the Core Energetics work

2) Liberation / expression of the lower self & the shadow sides
This is a matter of giving expression to our dark sides and energizing or revitalizing them:

  • the physical expression of "negative emotions" (anger, rage, frustration, etc.)

  • and the destructive behavioral patterns (demands or expectations of others, condemnation/reproaches to others, victimization, self-sabotage mechanisms, malicious joy, etc.).

The focus here is on "actively" experiencing the emotional pain, feeling it and seeing it as a gift. We experience how it unconsciously steers us, on which old "child consciousness logic" it is based and how this contributes to the repetition of our dynamics and behavior.
The goal is to release these emotions in order to make the previously bound life energy flow again.


3) Centering on the higher self

With the power of free will we can decide whether we want to hold on to old blockades or strive for change and liveliness. The higher self is the part in us that strives for union with everything (everything in us and with the others). With the help of the higher self we decide for a YES to everything that is. A YES to all emotions, with the goal of experiencing them and accepting them and our lower self as part of our personality.Through the focused intention to act out of this level of consciousness, we are able to better deal with the duality of life (good/evil, love/hate, have/not have, etc.), e. g. to realize that we can love and hate someone without blaming ourselves for it.


4) Revealing your own life plan
We strive for the freedom to be the person we really are.
The goal of Core Energetics is to discover one's true self through integrative work and to gain the courage to live it and develop ourselves.
By encountering life or other people more truthfully, our path is revealed to us little by little.

Daniela Zambrana Coaching body-oriented Releasing blockages
Daniela Zambrana Coaching body-oriented expressing feelings
Daniela Zambrana Coaching body-oriented body and mind
Daniela Zambrana Coaching body-oriented Finding clarity

1) Penetration of the mask, idealized self-image & beliefs


In this phase of bodywork we experience in which situations we have an image of ourselves that does not correspond to reality. We ask ourselves the following questions:

  • Which beliefs frame and shape my reality?

  • How do they determine my thinking, acting and feeling?

  • The mask is the reflection of our inner reality or the adaptation to our environment. How do I use my "false self" (mask) in order not to show my inner world?

  • How do I want to be seen (idealized self-image)? How does it move me? Which needs does it hide or suppress?

Where does the Core Energetics model come from?

Wilhelm Reich was the first to include the body in the classical, cognitive approach to psychoanalysis around 1920. The discovery of the physical equivalent of repression in the form of muscular armor and the chronic, involuntary hardening of the muscles to suppress feelings led to the development of body psychotherapy. This is regarded as the basis for various therapeutic methods that were later established, such as Fritz Perl's Gestalt therapy, Peter Levine's Somatic Experience and the current understanding of "somatization of diseases".

Alexander Lowen and John Pierrakos, both students of W. Reich, took this thought further and developed the model of "bioenergetics", which deepened the "body-mind" aspect.

J. Pierrakos later expanded the bioenergetics approach of "Mind & Body" to include the spiritual aspect of the human being and the work of Eva Broch (The Pathwork of Self-Transformation) to "Mind, Body & Soul", thus founding the Core Energetics model.

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