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Daniela Zambrana Business Coaching Wien - Personalentwicklung der Zukunft: Anatomie der Führung für mehr Resilienz, Führungskräfte- und Team-Entwicklung.

What matters most at work?
Efficiency, resilience and further development.

I support companies and their employees in healthy leadership and team development to meet the challenges of today's working world with more resilience and energy.

Human resources development of the future:
Body-oriented coaching and neurosensory coaching

Bridges to Leadership Daniela Zambrana.jpg

Bridges to Leadership stands for a new kind of change management and performance enhancement in organizations.
It is the next step in human resource development that not only takes psychology into account, but also incorporates the physiology of the human being.
Embodiment Coaching techniques and methods from body psychotherapy and neurosensory therapy provide holistic access to our cognitive abilities and promote resilience. A resting nervous system forms the basis for further development and openness.
We thereby create a healthy corporate climate and lay the foundation for Conscious Leadership under the motto Anatomy of Leadership.

I am listed in Germany as an approved consultancy company by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Research (BAFA).
This means that my advisory and consultancy services can be subsidised by the state. The amount of the subsidy may vary depending on the contents of the consultancy, the situation of your company or the location of your company.
Further information on the possibilities of subsidies (promotion of entrepreneurial know-how): Promotion of business consultancies
If you have any questions or would like to discuss a joint project in this context, please feel free to contact me.

This is how I support companies with body-oriented and neurosensory coaching

Daniela Zambrana Coaching Managers Vienna
Daniela Zambrana Coaching Business Vienna

Do you want to develop your company?

I accompany you throughout the entire employee journey...

  • in the goal-oriented selection of personnel/onboarding

  • in the integration of new employees and teams

  • in the creation of effective, efficient teams, which also exploit their potentials

  • in resource-oriented development of your employees and teams

  • in solution-oriented crisis and conflict management

  • in phases of change, so that employees can better accept and live with change

  • in building more resilience for less sick leave

  • in appreciative offboarding when employees leave the department or company

Daniela Zambrana Coaching body-oriented Anatomy of Leadership

Work and private life are more closely intertwined than we often realize

My trainings and coachings for companies and employees have one thing in common: my conviction that work life and private life have more in common than we often think and that we always take our work issues home with us just as we bring our private issues to work.

So our professional and personal lives interact constantly and have many parallels. The issues and points of contention are often the same: power & control, caring & trust, and recognition & integrity/respect.
It's about expectations, boundaries, responsibility and communication, about sense of belonging, creativity and compromise, about defined structures and especially about balancing the need for rootedness and stability while experiencing growth, meaning and significance.

Relationship dynamics and a resting nervous system play a major role in both areas and form the basis for successful, motivated and happy employees. These dynamics, which influence our behavior and performance, are an important part of my work, both in body-oriented coaching and in neurosensory training.

If one would measure our consciousness and subconsciousness, 15 mm consciousness would stand against 11 km (!!!) unconsciousness. This is what perceptual and brain researchers have found out. The number of stimuli that we perceive through our sensory organs and unconsciously process and store are therefore enormous in comparison. We make use of this knowledge in Anatomy of Leadership and therefore work with the knowledge and resources of our body and nervous system to achieve holistic development. Read more here.

Leadership körperorientiert
Daniela Zambrana Coaching body-oriented for companies
Daniela Zambrana Coaching body-oriented team building

Bodywork for less stress and more resilience

Just one hour of body-oriented coaching (Embodiment Coaching) releases blockages of your employees and thus enables an increase in performance.

This type of coaching is suitable for

  • young leaders who are still working out their values, strengths and goals as well as their own leadership personality

  • teams and their leaders who want to achieve more open and better communication

  • improving relationships with colleagues, supervisors, employees or customers

  • leaders who have challenges in the area of delegation

  • conflict situations or crises to find solutions

  • employees who suffer from strain and stress (mobbing, burnout, etc.)

8 hours with the SSP training program per employee enable highly effective business coaching and performance enhancements through more access to cognitive skills, increasing resilience and improving team communication.
This passive method creates the conditions for openness and readiness for change by stimulating our nervous system, which is important to successfully implement change in organizations. This ensures a faster adaptation of employees to developments and thus leads to a strengthening of your market positioning.

The SSP can be used for a variety of objectives:

  • for the development of high performance teams

  • for trainees who want to achieve an increase in concentration

  • for the support of reintegration measures

  • to accompany employees in burnout for more resilience

  • as preparation in change management, to better accept changes

  • for the generation 55+ to face the topic of digitalization with less resistance

SSP sessions are supported by stress-reducing exercises, so-called Trauma Release Exercises (T.R.E.). These exercises are based on the knowledge that for our nervous system trauma and stress are the same and only differ in their intensity.

Insights to the SSP work

Daniela Zambrana Coaching Safe and Sound Protocol Stress
Daniela Zambrana Coaching neurosensory SSP
Leadership neurosensorisch

How does this work?

Stress and the need to make quick decisions as well as frequent changes and multiple stresses characterize our working world today. As a result, our nervous system is constantly under tension.

In these situations, from an anatomical point of view, our sympathetic nervous system or our dorsal vagus is activated. This means we are in a state of "fight or flight" or "freeze".
In "fight" mode, we are busy at work fighting our leadership, changes or colleagues. We are stressed, oversensitive, have no time for conversation, are overwhelmed, have difficulty concentrating. In "flight" mode, we slip away from conversations, tasks, responsibilities, don't participate, and leave work undone.
If we are in "freeze" mode, we have no energy, are apathetic, are in burnout or heading for it, want to hide and not participate in events in the team or company. Empathy and readiness for action are then hardly or not at all present. Sick leave is the result.

All these expressions of tension serve to protect the nervous system against potential dangers. However, people can only be fully productive and have full access to their cognitive abilities when they are relaxed.

The SSP program was developed to relieve our nervous system. It ensures through technically specially processed music that our vagus nerve (also called the relaxation nerve) is stimulated. The nervous system finds its way back to a relaxed state of socialization, serenity and engagement. As a result, employees are able to reengage in the company, are interested in communicating and interacting with others, and are more open to change and solutions. Creativity is fostered and we have full access to our cognitive abilities again, which in turn leads to an increase in concentration, performance and resilience. Employees can thus perform well even in times of transformation, and feel comfortable and valued.

Daniela Zambrana Coaching neurosensory SSP sleep well
Daniela Zambrana Coaching neurosensory resilience
Daniela Zambrana Coaching neurosensory corporate
Daniela Zambrana Coaching neurosensory SSP Relaxation

You want to develop your company and your employees effectively and holistically?

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