Daniela Zambrana - Neurosensorisches Coaching mit dem Safe and Sound Protocol für bessere Stress- und Traumabewältigung, besseren Schlaf, bessere kognitive Fähigkeiten und soziale Interaktion.

Serene and relaxed with the
Safe and Sound Protocol

Better stress and trauma regulation, better sleep, better cognitive abilities and social interaction.

Whether private or professional, adult or child, with the SSP music programmes we give our nervous system a treat and enhance our nervous system for more resilience and tranquility.

Sound vibrations of the music activate (similar to a massage) the auditory neuron network including a branch of the vagus nerve. In this way, our autonomic nervous system is geared towards relaxation and social interaction. With relaxation, all brain and body functions should improve. The so-called neuroplasticity is activated so that the nervous system opens up to new habits.

Experiences of users show many positive changes, e.g.

  • Better handling of stressful situations

  • More calmness

  • Easier and faster relaxation

  • Faster balance in states of excitement

  • Better/deeper sleep

  • Increased creativity

  • Feeling of light-heartedness

  • Improved trauma management

  • Improvement in autism spectrum disorders

  • Positive changes in traumatic experiences, including PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

  • Increased ability to learn

  • Less auditory sensitivity (easier to follow conversations in noisy environments)

  • Increased social activity

  • Social interaction with more confidence and without fear

  • Improvement of cognitive abilities

  • and much more.

Detailed information about the SSP program, how it works and how it can be used can be found here.

Price and services of the 5 days SSP-Online Program

Online offer: SSP Online Package for only 380 € incl. VAT.

Included in the package price:

  • A preliminary talk via video conference with information on how our nervous system works.

  • Accompaniment by me for 30 minutes in each of the first 3 sessions

  • One-to-one support:

    • Getting to know your own nervous system, interpreting its signals and dealing with them.

    • Self-regulation exercises (so-called Trauma Release Exercises)

    • Information on how to return to a state of relaxation from a state of fear, stress or anxiety

    • Email support

  • Access to 5 hours of modulated music from the SSP (licence fee for the app)

  • Final 20-minute video conference call

If you would like to use the program together with your partner or child(ren), the price increases by 120 € for each additional person to be accompanied.

If you would like additional support or more intensive accompaniment during the SSP sessions, or if you or your nervous system need more time for processing and thus more extensive support from me, I charge an additional 48 € per half hour.

This offer is only valid for the online SSP program.

The SSP program can be done in person, too (prices for in-person sessions vary).

The GTC apply.

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