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Holistic personality development

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

The perception and brain research has "measured": 15 millimeters of consciousness stand against 11 kilometers (11 million mm!!!) of subconsciousness. (Vera Birkenbihl has also illustrated this beautifully).

A large part of the subconscious takes place in the body. About 60% of the fibers of the parasympathetic nervous system are sensory and transmit information from the viscera to our brain stem. Therefore, it makes sense to work with the whole body in trainings and coaching sessions, because the fastest way to use the 11 km subconscious is movement.

The concept "Anatomy of Leadership" takes this knowledge into account. Neuroplasticity, sensorimotor perception, polyvagal theory, bodywork and other topics are incorporated into the concept.

Our subconsciousness is stored in our body. Only when we move our body or stimulate the nervous system, we can work with what's hidden in our subconscious.
15 millimeters of consiousness stand against 11 kilometers of subconscious

The training and coaching approach conveys the connection between body and mind and, based on human biology, promotes knowledge building and openness to change through active experience.

We discover the body's own resources that go beyond the mind and anchor theoretical knowledge through physical experience. We create a new body-mindset and thus enable a healthy, resilient, integrative and cooperative work culture or just a holistic personality development.

With an awareness of these areas, we realize, for example, that our nervous system reacts quite automatically to our environment - whether in our private lives or in business. That is our biology. That's how human beings work.

The outside world affects our physiology and this determines our mindset and actions. Our attitude, work style, leadership qualities and the way we treat ourselves and others are thus also strongly biologically determined.

Beliefs, behaviors and experiences are anchored and stored in our bodies.

The way we approach change is also "owed" to the body, as fear has been an important protective mechanism for us for over 300 million years. Our fight/flight/fear mechanisms that ensure our survival must therefore be taken into account in personal development, problem solving and also in the business world. For example, when we struggle strongly with change, our biological need for security plays a major role in this, i.e. the way our body responds to stimuli with a survival reaction. In a time of rapid change, this knowledge is more valuable than ever.

With the help of insights from neuroscience and body psychotherapy, we work in the "Anatomy of Leadership" with the nervous system and movement.

Areas of tension and connections thus become playfully visible and tangible and we gain insights for individual possibilities of action, train the nervous system for "safety" and dissolve resistance.

This bottom-up approach from the body to the mind enables a contemporary and sustainable personality and personal development.

Only when we engage the body can we work properly with the mind.

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