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Daniela Zambrana

Integral coaching in Vienna and online

Hello, my name is Daniela Zambrana and I am a body-oriented and neurosensory coach in Vienna.

As a trained Core Energetics Practitioner and licensed SSP and Focus System Provider, I am the right coach for you if you are looking for body-oriented special forms of coaching.
Using the body as a channel to work on problems, to find reorientation and clarity or, for example, to gain more resilience, serenity and inner peace is an extremely effective way.
The methods used come from body psychotherapy according to Wilhelm Reich or the "Core Energetics" method by John Pierrakos, which is based on it, or from the Polyvagal Theory research by Dr. Stephen Porges (SSP and Focus System).

Both forms of coaching are based on the idea that body and psyche form an inseparable unit and therefore one influences the other. Only if we view ourselves as human beings holistically can we also master our challenges.

Since our psyche lives in our body, so to speak, these methods start at the physical level to strengthen our psyche, to work through fears, traumas and conflicts and to find inner balance.

Body-oriented coaching in Vienna according to the Core Energetics Method

Core Energetics is recognised as a method of body psychotherapy by AABP (Austrian Scientific Association for Body-oriented Psychotherapy) and EABP (European Association for Body Psychotherapy). This form of coaching is often referred to as body-oriented, body-based or bodywork.
In the coaching sessions we work with physical movement, as our body stores our life experiences and experiences. Deeply anchored blockages, problems or fears and traumas that are not accessible to our consciousness through conversations are dissolved with the help of targeted movement exercises, as our body provides direct access to the unconscious.

Daniela Zambrana Coaching Vienna Self-confidence
Daniela Zambrana Coaching Vienna Inner Peace
Daniela Zambrana Coaching Vienna Connection
Daniela Zambrana Coaching Vienna Couples Therapy

What is body-oriented coaching used for?

The areas of application of body-oriented coaching are versatile, e.g.

  • Achieving clarity and finding orientation

  • Overcoming crises and finding solutions

  • Making decisions

  • Releasing blockades

  • Couple conflicts or marital problems

  • Family disputes or conflicts

  • Strengthening inner power

Daniela Zambrana Coaching Vienna Resilience
Daniela Zambrana Coaching Vienna Group Coaching
Daniela Zambrana Coaching body-oriented Vienna Conflict Resolution Coaching
Daniela Zambrana Coaching Vienna Team Coaching

Body-oriented coaching can take place in individual, couple or group sessions.

These coaching sessions can be conducted on-site in Vienna or online.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your personal situation, please feel free to book a non-binding and free initial consultation here.

More detailed information on body-oriented coaching according to the Core Energetics Method can be found here.

Neurosensory Coaching in Vienna:
Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) and Focus System

Daniela Zambrana Coaching Vienna sensomotoric training
Daniela Zambrana Coaching Online Coaching

Neurosensory Training program
Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP)

Neurosensory coaching focuses on our nervous system as well as sensory and motor functions.

Hearing is connected to the vagus nerve, the body's control centre for processing and responding to signals from the environment, which makes up 75% of our parasympathetic nervous system and is responsible for relaxation and social interaction.
This knowledge from neurology combined with the research and studies of the Polyvagal Theory are incorporated into the neurosensory and sensorimotor coaching sessions. This is mainly about changing the perception of our environment and inner world (neuroception) and creating new neuronal connections (neuroplasticity). This can be useful in many different areas, e.g. in the age-appropriate psychomotor development of children, in coping with stress and building more resilience, in counteracting brain ageing or in recovering from brain damage. In addition, these coaching sessions are helpful in improving performance on the job.

Neurosensory coaching can be conducted on-site in Vienna or online.

Daniela Zambrana Coaching Vienna neurosensory coaching for adults
Daniela Zambrana Coaching Vienna Safe and Sound Protocol

When our nervous system perceives persistent signals of danger, e.g. in the form of stress, anxiety or conflict, we feel insecure, we sleep badly, we are unfocused, we shut ourselves off, etc.

The SSP uses specially filtered music to train the neural network associated with hearing. In doing so, the vagus nerve is stimulated and the state of feeling safer and calmer becomes accessible.

SSP is an auditory intervention developed by Dr Stephen Porges that calms and balances the nervous system and aims to reduce stress and auditory sensitivity while improving social interaction and resilience. It is suitable for both children and adults and has been shown in studies to have great success with ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

You can find more detailed information about the SSP here.

To start directly online with the SSP, click here.

Multisensory, sensorimotor Training Program Focus System

The Focus System aims to improve brain and body organisation and emotion regulation.
This method combines auditory, balance and movement exercises to create a foundation for learning, attention, processing and behaviour. This creates new or reinforces existing neural pathways that control body organisation and brain function.

Specially processed music is transmitted through air and bone conduction headphones, providing auditory input to the brain and sensory input to the body. Movement activities supplement additional sensory and motor input for body organisation.
The cognitive activities, which are added later, are used to process multiple pieces of information at the same time, which corresponds to the demands on our brain in the daily world.

The Focus System is suitable for both children and adults, e.g. for developmental support, after brain injuries (e.g. stroke) or simply as a tool to improve performance on the job.
Users report e.g. an improvement in reading comprehension, concentration, emotional regulation, (gross and fine) motor performance, memory and performance at work as well as less stress and anxiety and a happier temper.

You can find more information about the Focus System here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to book a non-binding and free appointment for an initial online consultation.

The SSP and Focus System programmes are provided by Unyte iLS integrated Listening Systems. As a licensed provider, I am authorised to work with both programmes.

Daniela Zambrana Coaching Vienna Focus System Coaching for Children
Daniela Zambrana Coaching Vienna for Young People
Daniela Zambrana Coaching Vienna Safe and Sound Protocol Music Therapy

The SSP is not a substitute for medical treatment or psychotherapy.
It can be helpful as a passive method to prepare ourselves for change situations. According to studies, people who have used SSP in preparation are also more open to therapeutic measures or personality development.
No medical diagnoses are made. This form of treatment does not replace the diagnosis and treatment of a doctor or alternative practitioner or other supportive therapeutic measures.

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