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Lecture "On love... and other difficulties"

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Watch the lecture by my esteemed teacher Erena Bramos " On love... and other difficulties".

This lecture was given in June 2022 to the students and alumni of the Core Energetic Institutes worldwide. Erena Bramos is the Director of the Institute in Greece (where I completed my training) and has been in private practice as a psychotherapist for over forty years. Among many aspects in her teachings, her focus is on non-dual awareness in the field of psychotherapy.

Here is an excerpt from this wonderful lecture about love... Enjoy it!

"... Think about how many expectations you have in order to decide that you have a good relationship.

This expectations are underlined by demands. Underneath the expectations and what sustains them are demands. Demands on life and on ourselves. The most strongly acute demands that we put on ourselves have to do with the illusion, the false believe, that "I will experience love if I am worthy".

In Love there is no such thing as being worthy.

Love is there because you are there. You are Love. Love is Life and you are Life.

But this illusion that we are worthy or not, connects intimately with the believe that I am somebody.

And one of the elements that sustains me believing that I am somebody is what we called the "Idealized Self Image".

“I am somebody" is defined by who I think I am but also by who I think I need to become.

Think of the effort you do in a relationship to prove yourself worthy or how often you demand on the other to be a certain way for them to be worthy... That doesn’t allow you to experience love and connection and brings you to suffering.

Can you imagine if Love was the prerequisite? How would it be if the prerequisite is not to be worthy, but LOVE.

The recognition that love is always present, can you imagine to be that the prerequisite?... "

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