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Negative Intention - The Jewel of Core Energetics

Watch the lecture by my esteemed teacher Anna Timmermans on "The Negative Intention - The Jewel of Core Energetics".

In my practice so far, I have noticed again and again how clients come to a certain point where they encounter a strong resistance. Here we have to look deeper, because very often the reason is the (unconscious) negative intention. This is the reason why people hold on to their negativity and cannot let go of it. It is the part of us that deliberately wants to stay in negativity because it can punish the other person for what they have done to me.

We can only get out of this trap by becoming aware that this part of us exists and becoming aware of the high price we pay for it.

Working with and becoming aware of Negative Intention is one of the biggest transformation keys in personal development and is very often an important turning point.

On working with Negativity and Negative Intention, Anna Timmermans gave a very educational talk for the students and alumni of the Core Energetics Institutes worldwide.

Anna Timmermans is the founder and director of the Netherlands Institute of Core Energetics (NICE). She has been a teacher since 1982 and has her own private practice. Her passion is to train Core Energetics therapists and to develop Core Energetics as a distinct method of body psychotherapy in the Netherlands.

Here is an excerpt from this wonderful lecture about the jewel of our work...

""... One of the most important pillars of the Core Energetic work is Energy and Consciousness.

We work with the body to open up, to release our energy, to charge up the body, so that the system can open up to come in contact with the negative feelings that we repress underneath. That is the pain and other feelings and emotions we are holding around the pain. Our negativity also is held there, too.

The difference between "Negativity" and "Negative Intention"?

Our Negativity is what we all know: that is all our negative feelings that are socially not accepted and that we hold inside like rage, anger, destructiveness, content, etc. And the more you get to know them and express them, the more you will open up and liberate your whole system.

The Negative Intention is quite something else. That is where we hold on to Negativity. That is where we deliberately want to hold to Negativity for a certain purpose. And the purpose of the negative Intention is really to punish our parents for what they did to us. And at the same time we are holding a lot of resistance in order not to feel this.... "

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