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Full Self Expression Workshop

Are you ready to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery?

Then join us for an immersive 2 ½ day experience in Full Self Expression (FSE), a
transformative process born from Core Energetics and the pioneering principles of
Marcia and Brian Gleason, founders of Exceptional Relationship Mentoring.

Unlock the Power Within:

This workshop invites you to deeply connect with your
body and emotions, liberating you from the blame
cycle that hinders personal growth. As you delve into
the workshop, you will develop a profound
understanding of your defensive reactions and learn
to identify the emotional states that shape your
reality. This path leads you from a guarded stance
into the embrace of vulnerability where true selfexpression

Join a Community of Explorers & Rise Together:

This conscious embodied exploration will help you: get deeply in touch with your body and feelings.

...disengage from the blaming spiral.

...deepen awareness of what underlies our defensive reactions.

...determine how much consciousness you have toward your feeling states/parts.

...enable the passage from your protected and defended state towards a more vulnerable and authentic state.

Information on registration, location and costs can be found in this flyer.

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